7 Perfect Wedding Gifts from Living.ca for under $50 that are Trending in 2019

Wedding gifts for under $50 are available in droves from Living.ca. Now that spring has sprung, weddings are the norm this time of year especially with the weather improving so much April through to the early summer months. If you’re searching for the perfect wedding gift, here are seven products that aren’t going to hurt your wallet.

Stackable planters or garden pots

Is the couple you’re buying for moving into a new home or have a passion for gardening – if so, there are several stackable planters, stackable pots, and even small mini-greenhouses all available ranging from $19.99 and above.

living.ca garden accessories

7-tier shoe rack for 36 pairs

If you’re buying for someone who loves shoes or who has a large collection, SortWise has an amazing 7-tier rack that can help keep things organized. This is a nice wedding gift, for both its practicality and for having a little bit of humour to it.

4-slice toaster

It’s a classic wedding gift and a necessary element to so many people’s kitchens. If they don’t already own a toaster oven and/or are moving into a new home, a 4-slice toaster for $36.99 can be thoughtful coming from the right person.

Multi-tier wine rack

If they’re a couple who loves a great bottle of wine, purchasing them a wine rack in wood is a great way to express an interest and to encourage them to start their own collection. The great thing about the wine racks from Living.ca is that they are stackable as well, meaning one can continue to purchase more wooden rows as they collect ore bottles.

Single-serve coffee maker

An easy purchase for couples addicted to their morning brew. Capable of making coffee from ground or capsules, the slim design of Living.ca’s 2-in-1 single serve coffee maker means it can easily be installed anywhere in the kitchen.

Essential oil diffuser

If you are buying for a couple who does not already have an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser, this can be a very thoughtful gift and is perfect for pregnant women who need a little bit more relaxation.

Bluetooth smart scale

You need to be careful with this one as it could understandable give the wrong impression. Couples really into fitness and wellness will appreciate a Bluetooth smart scale if they don’t already have one. It links up to a smartphone app and reads out not only your weight but gives estimates on things like body age, muscle percentage, BMR, bone density, and more.

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7 Absolutely Amazing Home Storage Organizers to Keep your Home Tidy

Making the most of your home’s space can be challenging if you’re operating out a small apartment or condo, or if you have a lot of stuff to place somewhere on your property. There’s no shortage of home storage organizers which can easily be placed throughout the home to coordinate things like shoes, clothing, and toys.


Shoe storage

There are several shoe storage options, including those smaller two-tier shoe storage organizers. The only issue with these though is that, any time they’re purchased, you still end up with pairs of shoes on the floor. Alternatively, you may want to purchase a larger 7-tier, 35-pair shoe organizer such as the one with Living.ca.


Wooden wine rack

From Living.ca, be provided with a 36-bottle holder wine rack made from wood. Stackable and easy to install, if you’re a wine lover with a lot of bottles to keep track of, this organizer can be installed anywhere in your kitchen or dining room.


Cosmetic makeup storage

If you’ve got a lot of makeup or nail polish occupying your tabletops, countertops, and dresser surfaces, consider a cosmetic makeup storage organizer. This makes it easy to keep all your makeup organized.


Folding ottoman storage

A great piece for a living room or hallway, assemble a folding storage ottoman with built-in drawers. This is a great piece for the bedroom as well, if you need some place to put clothes or items that don’t necessarily fit in your dresser drawers.


Shelving storage

Classic metal storage shelving units can be installed in the basement, kitchen, or wherever. Use them as a pantry or to keep almost anything large and difficult to handle on. From Living.ca, these shelving units are huge!


Hanging clothes storage

You may have seen these before in closets. They hang from the bar and provide additional storage for things like socks, towels, shirts, and more. If your closet or dresser’s traditionally a very messy place, one of these can work wonders at simplifying your storage.


Bicycle rack stand

If you have a bicycle that you don’t quite know what to do with in your garage, we have a freestanding telescopic bicycle rack stand that’s well worth purchasing. Using this freestanding structure, you will keep your bicycle off the floor and propped up ready for use.


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4 Appliances to help you get the Most from a Small Kitchen

If you’re living in a small condo, apartment, or pre-war home, you’re likely working with a pretty small kitchen. Every inch of kitchen is prime real estate. If you’re looking for some cooking appliance hacks to make the most from what you’re working with, we’d love to help.

Living iron fry pan
Living iron fry pan

Sous vide

A sous vide allows you to cook food in water. Things like meat and veggies have never been so easy to cook. It requires minimal effort and even better, the sous vide can be stored anywhere. It’s no bigger than a 2-litre pop bottle. You can pull it out when you need it, cook your food, and then, wipe it down and put it back into storage. Using a sous vide, your food will always be perfectly cooked and you won’t need to take up an inch of kitchen space.

Cast iron skillet

Flat and with the promise of heating evenly across its area, a cast iron skillet is not going to leave behind any scorch marks from meat or veggies and will always leave you with a thoroughly cooked meal. For many people, their favourite kitchen small appliance is their cast iron skillet – even if it’s not a classic appliance per se. Also, cast iron is typically enameled meaning it can be cleaned in a dishwasher or sink without having to worry about rust.

Simple kitchen scale

A kitchen scale is not expensive and it’s small enough to be able to be stored almost anywhere. Pull out your kitchen scale as needed and always know you’ll have your ingredient amounts just right. If you’re a baker and/or you’re regularly having to rely on basic measurements for recipes, buying a kitchen scale is a simple way to keep things easy. We cannot recommend a kitchen scale enough.

Thin single serve coffee maker

Living.ca’s coffee maker is tailor made for small kitchens. Small in design, the 2-in-1 single serve coffee maker is perfect for brewing, ground, and capsule. If you’re a coffee lover, we’re sure you’ll love this. Place your coffee maker wherever you have some free space and you’ll never have to worry about where to grab an excellent cup of coffee. Shuts off automatically when a brew cycle is completed and it’s all in stainless steel.

In a small kitchen, serious consideration needs to be made on any decision resulting in space taken. These appliances are small, inexpensive, and provide a high value-to-space ratio. Buy these small kitchen products, appliances, and more from Living.ca today.

Trends in Kitchen Faucets and Kitchen Design for when you Need to Replace Yours

Are you ready to replace your kitchen faucet – you’re not alone. Thousands of Canadian households are going to install new kitchen faucets and renovate their kitchen design this year. As it pertain to kitchen faucets, the biggest trend going right now is big, tall faucets. That said, those aren’t perfect for every home. For a closer look into trends in kitchen faucets and kitchen design, here’s an honest look into what the industry’s going through right now.


The average high quality kitchen faucet is likely to cost around $250 or more and repairs on contemporary faucets can range from $150 to $250 depending on the contractor. If you’re looking for a faucet that’s high quality from a branded manufacturer, your costs could easily increase to $900 to $1,100 or more. For these reasons, cost-wise, we recommend buying kitchen faucets that are not branded and that are closer to the $250-range.

The more costly kitchen faucets are called ‘touch faucets’, which are very popular. Using touch technology, these are high-tech smart home devices. That said, the expense for them is sizeable. The next costly kitchen faucet will be your big, tall faucets akin to what you used to find in restaurants and similarly food-friendly industrial settings. Any faucets that operate automatically without a manual way to turn on use a battery which will eventually wear out. Once it does, a replacement needs to be ordered which can complicate things. Therefore, many homeowners seeking to renovate or install a kitchen faucet on budget generally go for smaller models or models that come equipped with a manual way to use them.

Kitchen sinks are also changing, which is having an effect on kitchen faucets. Some install a double sink with two bowls. Then, other homeowners may install an extremely large skin as an alternative to two bowls. These are commonly installed as under-mounts, which is when a lip of the skin is mounted underneath the countertop so that the lips is beneath the counter instead of on top. This is done because under-mounted sinks are easier to clean and are believed to be more attractive. Whether it’s over-mounted or under-mounted though, it generally will have no effect on what faucet you can or cannot use with the style.

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The Dos and Don’ts of How to Use Artificial Flowers

As spring arrives, artificial flowers are a fun way to add some sparkle and breathe some life into almost any room in the home. Peonies, orchids, Cinderella roses, succulents, and lilies are just some of the flowers we chase after looking to accomplish this. Dingy, dusty, old artificial flowers are not recommended. Don’t go with your grandmother’s artificial flower. No, add some color and interest with a selection of artificial colors chosen by you.

artificial flower
artificial flower

There are many advantages to choosing artificial flowers, including that they last longer than their natural counterparts, have longer lasting color, involve low maintenance, and have infinite longevity. Use them spring after spring, with no fear of them wilting. Before you go buying your favourite looking artificial flowers though, you may want to read through some quick dos and don’ts.




  • If you have a part-time home, a vacation home, or residence, this is a great place to put artificial flowers.
  • Always look for quality. High quality artificial florals are going to carry a more natural, realistic look than dollar store-level flowers.
  • Use smaller arrangements of artificial flowers rather than larger presentations. The more assembled together, the more likely they are to look unnatural. Bedroom nightstands and coffee tables are excellent locations for gatherings of artificial flowers.
  • Artificial flowers are commonly used to add color to a space. Reds, pinks, and greens are amazing spring and summer choices that can really cause a space to pop.
  • Do keep an eye on any dogs or cats you may have. Artificial flowers can pose a threat to pets who may want to eat them or play with them.




  • Be careful to not place your artificial flowers near any heat source such as electric space heaters or candles as they are prone to melting.
  • Do not use white flowers. They are a staple of interior designs and used to create neutral spaces. White artificial flowers can come with giving a home a very ‘fake’ look.
  • Do not use artificial trees as they can end up looking unrealistic in application. Any greenery like this used is best the real thing.
  • Don’t use too many artificial flowers. You may be tempted to use many artificial flowers in the same room however this is very much a case of ‘less is more’. Artificial flowers are more powerful when they are used sparingly.


Browse dozens of artificial flowers from Living.ca, including agapanthus, hydrangea, Cinderella rose, tiger lilies, stem single allium, dahlias, phaelaenopsis orchids, full open rose spray, garden tulips, and so much more. Shop Living.ca today.

How to Use a Makeup Brush Set to revolutionize your Everyday Routine

Every woman, early on in adulthood, boils down their makeup and beauty routine to basic elements they tend to rely on for the long-term. Experimenting every day, after all, doesn’t always guarantee positive results so it’s nice to have makeup techniques that you know will get you consistent results.

Make up brush
Make up brush

Regardless of how your makeup routine is pared down right now, the right makeup brush set will teach you a few new things and help to amplify what you already got going on. Although you might think a makeup brush set will only add time to getting ready in the morning, it doesn’t have to. In fact, for most women, makeup brush sets take away time and allow them to pair things down to five minutes or less.


When you need some hurried chiseling for contour and some extra pretty, a focused makeup brush kit is worth its weight in gold. Now, how to use a makeup brush set depends on the kit you have. There are some larger brush tool sets of 18-pieces or more which are a little more diverse, there’s luxurious makeup brush sets, sets made strictly for travel, and those in all sorts of configurations.


A makeup brush set should ultimately give you the tools to give you everything you need to conceal, provide even coverage and tone, and having a travel kit is never a bad idea. Last-minute touch-ups can help restore some confidence and ensure you’re not feeling uncomfortable out in the world without an opportunity to fix makeup which can smudge. Comparatively, if you’re a rookie to the world of using a makeup brush and want to keep things simple, you can go that as well. There are some great introduction makeup brush sets. All a beginner beauty guru really needs is a concealer brush, a brush for buffing, a brush for powder, and a foundation brush. Focusing on these four brushes, you can really narrow down some techniques that are fast, easy, and that get you the result you want.


Having more brushes available also means you can blend makeup in application and contour everything appropriately. If you only have a few brushes or less, you don’t necessarily have this freedom.


After you’ve narrowed down the basics of concealer, buffing, powdering, and foundation with a brush set, you still have other brushes remaining to learn more advanced techniques. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced makeup brush user, a makeup brush set can absolutely revolutionize how you do makeup and the options available to you. Browse makeup brush sets on-sale from Canada’s own Living.ca today.

What are the Best Nail Colors to use for Spring 2019

Spring 2019 is almost here and with that, a lot of women are going to be heading out for manicures and pedicures celebrating the warmer weather.


If you don’t know where to start in capturing those amazing spring feels, instead of reaching for classic black, here are some of the best nail colors you can use.


Soft pink


Plucked from the Instagram pages of on-trend celebrities, soft pink is a great color to blend from spring to summer. They look amazing across most skin tones, work wonders at bringing out your natural glow, and are welcome additions to anyone’s nail polish collection.


Crisp white


A crisp white nail polish suggests a hint of winter while giving you something new, creamy, and muted to partake in for the spring months. You can go with something brighter and akin to a borderline neon white, if you’re not invested in a more muted presentation.


Red-orange polish


A red-orange polish remains as one of the top salon picks for spring nail colors, this year just like last’s. All across the world, women are getting ready for those spring vacations with a color that balances somewhere between the perfect orange and the perfect red.


Silver glitters


Silver glitters are on-trend and look festive for anyone who has a big spring planned. Keep in mind sparkles are always very eye-catching and so this isn’t for someone looking to not be noticed. It’s a fine color to keep in your nail polish organizer and storage display rack. Bold, sparkly, and fun, you’ll be glad you went with a glitter manicure you show-off!


Classic blush-toned


It never hurts to go a little neutral to keep things toned-down for spring. A classic blush-toned neutral look is recommended for both hands and feet to give that clean, chic look that won’t disappoint.


Milky beige


Among the top nail colors for a neutral spring look, a milky beige suits more outfits than perhaps any of the other options on this list. It’s almost a guarantee to suit anything you want to hear in your spring dress collection and even better, any chips are hardly noticeable.


Hot pink


Hot pink is a color not everyone will necessarily go for but it’s a classic 1980s-inspired spring look which continues to work well March through June. Pulling it off on a more adult contemporary outfit can be difficult however it’s a fun color worth it for anyone looking to take spring in a more fun direction.


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