About Living.ca Blog

Why we created Living.ca blog ? 

Over the past few years, we have created two major brands: PrimeCables & Moustache, in addition to our brands SortWise, CleanWise, GreenWise and Phat, through which we’ve successfully provided thousands of products to our customers with better cost-effective solutions to satisfy their needs.

After learning much through all the branding experience, we are now more capable and skilled to offer our customers more selections. For our site to look simpler, we decided combine a few of our older websites and improve them into Living.ca– Which is the site that we are talking about right here.

The slogan for Living.ca means “Save time, live better”. We initially thought of “save money” instead, however we changed it since there are plenty of existing stores claiming to save money for their customers, which leads customers to spend a lot more time on average comparing prices (especially in traditional stores, where one can easily spend hours to shop for something they want). We believe that saving time = save money and thus, we want to break the common misconception of saving money, which truly and simply means to save your time.

The idea of helping customers to save time is simple; once a customer visits our website, they will no longer have the hassle of comparing prices across different websites as we will offer you the lowest price on the market. Additionally, our website offers the most basic and daily essentials you will require in your daily routine. With all the time you’ll save, you will be able to spend all your saved time doing much more important things; accompany your children, your family, doing outdoor workouts or even travelling. We believe our best retail service advantage is not just about helping customers to save money, moreover, to help our customers to save more time.

Even though Living.ca is still far from being perfect, whether it’s the website functionality or product varieties, it’s our newest creation; we will therefore run it as a BETA site for a period of time to make sure that it’s userfriendly and error free. We will always welcome you with open arms if you have any concern or questions regard to our websites, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support at https://support.shopperplus.com/en/support/home.

We have a strong belief that, in a near future, you will love Living.ca as much as how you love Costco & Dollarama. We wish to thank you for all the support and critiques that will help us to improve and, of course, we also thank you for your time and consideration for being with us.